Rent Audi TT Cabriolet


  • 1 day / 250 km : From 266 €
  • 3 days / 750 km : From 686 €
  • 7 days / 1750 km : From 1393 €

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For most of its lineup (excluding the A3, A1, and TT models), Audi has not adopted the transverse engine layout which is typically found in economy cars (as well as more upscale European manufacturers such as Peugeot and Citroën), since that would limit the type and power of engines that can be installed. In order to be able to mount powerful engines (such as a V8 engine in the Audi S4 and Audi RS4), Audi has usually engineered its more expensive cars with a longitudinally front-mounted engine, in an "overhung" position, over the front wheels in front of the axle line. While this allows for the easy adoption of all-wheel drive, it goes against the ideal 50:50 weight distribution (as do all front wheel drive cars). In all its post Volkswagen-era models, Audi has firmly refused to adopt the traditional rear-wheel drive layout favored by its two arch rivals Mercedes-Benz and BMW, favoring either front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive. The majority of Audi's lineup in the United States features all-wheel drive standard on most of its expensive vehicles (only the entry-level trims of the A4 and A6 are available with front-wheel drive), in contrast to Mercedes-Benz and BMW whose lineup treats all-wheel drive as an option. BMW did not offer all-wheel drive on its V8-powered cars (as opposed to crossover SUVs) until the 2010 BMW 7 Series and 2011 BMW 5 Series, while the Audi A8 has had all-wheel drive available/standard since the 1990s. Regarding high-performance variants, Audi S and RS models have always had all-wheel drive, unlike their direct rivals from BMW M and Mercedes-AMG whose cars are rear-wheel drive only (although their performance crossover SUVs are all-wheel drive).

Rental Conditions

  • Deductile : 7200 €
  • Add insurance (per rental day): 25 €
  • Reduced deductible : 2400 €
  • Add kilometer : 2 €
  • Minimum Age: 25 Years

Engine & Transmission

  • Horsepower : 250 Cv
  • Torke : 320 at 2500
  • Displacement : 1984 cm3
  • Gearbox : Sequentielle 6 rapports


  • Max speed : 250 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h : 6,6 s

Price & Miscellaneous


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