Rent Dodge Viper in Barcelona

Rent Dodge Viper in Barcelona - Spain

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Delivery in this city for minimum 7 days

  • 1 day / 200 km : On request
  • 3 days / 600 km : On request
  • 7 days / 1400 km : From 6230 €
Our rates vary per season.


Rental Conditions

  • Deductile : 30000 €
  • Add insurance (per rental day): 100 €
  • Reduced deductible : 10000 €
  • Add kilometer : 4 €
  • Minimum Age: 30 Years


The Viper was initially conceived in late 1988 at Chrysler's Advanced Design Studios. The following February, Chrysler president Bob Lutz suggested to Tom Gale at Chrysler Design that the company should consider producing a modern Cobra, and a clay model was presented to Lutz a few months later. Produced in sheet metal by Metalcrafters,[4] the car appeared as a concept at the North American International Auto Show in 1989. Public reaction was so enthusiastic, that chief engineer Roy Sjoberg was directed to develop it as a standard production vehicle. Sjoberg selected 85 engineers to be "Team Viper," with development beginning in March 1989. The team asked the then-Chrysler subsidiary Lamborghini to cast some prototype aluminum blocks based on Dodge's V10 truck engine[citation needed][5][6] for sports car use in May. The production body was completed in the fall, with a chassis prototype running in December. Though a V8 engine was first used in the test mule, the V10, which the production car was meant to use, was ready in February 1990. Official approval from Chrysler chairman Lee Iacocca came in May 1990. One year later, Carroll Shelby piloted a pre-production car as the pace vehicle in the Indianapolis 500 race. In November 1991, the car was released to reviewers with first retail shipments beginning in January 1992.

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hire Dodge-Viper
hire Dodge-Viper
Engine & Transmission
  • Horsepower : 506ch V10 Cv
  • Torke : 712 at 4 200
  • Displacement : 8285 cm3
  • Gearbox : Manual
  • Max speed : 314 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h : 3,9 s
Price & Miscellaneous
  • Price : 110000 euros
  • Interior color : black
  • Exterior color : red
  • Places inside: 2
  • Constructor :

You want rent Dodge Viper in Barcelona - Spain