rent Mercedes-V-class
Mercedes V class in Geneva
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  • With its new Mercedes V Class, you will be always ready to transport your family and VIP g...
rent VW-Caravelle
VW Caravelle in Geneva
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  • the Caravelle version is sold in European left-hand drive markets only and is a better pe...

JUST4VIP offers a range of vehicles among the best models, but for those whose choice will be a minivan, it is clear that the offer is also proving particularly upscale and attractive. Models are among the most efficient in its class, offering comfort and space on the one hand, and performance and driving pleasure (for those who do not take driver) on the other. Thus, the Mercedes Viano model combines all the qualities that we know of the brand to the German star, namely simplicity, efficiency and prestige of course with luxury amenities. The Viano is equipped with a 40 inch screen to enhance the comfort of its users, and a refrigerator in which the champagne is at the right temperature for a really fun and high quality service. VW Caravelle meets the criteria requirement of the same ilk. Minivans are available for rent with all facilities prestige, to allow everyone to enjoy a trip in the best conditions. GPS, air conditioning, leather and automatic transmission are present in each vehicle and a number of options to further enhance the fun during the trip. Among the services, the provision of a driver is proposed to further optimize the conditions of travel. Delivery vehicles can be anywhere in Europe, but especially on predilection sites, such as Cannes, St Tropez, Antibes, Monaco, Courchevel and Paris for France or Europe in Barcelona, Milan and Geneva, among other destinations. Rental minivans may be through day packages for 250 kilometers, but three days (750 km) and 7 days (1750 km) and different rates depending on the season but can be easily obtained through the site.
Geneva, a temperate climate, is influenced by the Atlantic Ocean, which has the effect of moderating the climate. Summers are pleasantly warm, and winters cold. Geneva, as a large part of Europe, tends to warm (1.2 ° C increase in average temperature between 1960-1990 and 1989-2011). The sunshine is also increased sharply, and there is 13.5% more sunshine in between the period 1960-1990 (1694 average annual hours of sunshine) and the period from 1989 to 2011 (1920 hours of annual sunshine average). Rainfall is fairly well distributed throughout the year, but with a reduction of days of precipitation in summer.