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Just4vip is a multinational company that prides itself in offering good quality car rental services for over a decade. Headquartered on the French Riviera, this company offers a variety of cars for rental, from sedan rental to luxury car rental services, with a vast list of cars, including ones released by famous luxury and sports car manufacturers, such as Bentley, Lamborghini, Bugatti and Porsche. This company offers its quality services in the French Riviera, in major cities, such as Monaco, Nice, Saint-Tropez, Cannes, Madrid, Barcelona, Roma, Milano, Paris, and in all of Europe including Portugal, Czech Republic, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Switzerland and France. Customers can rent a vast variety of luxury, sedan and limousine cars, being able to choose from top car manufacturers, such as Aston Martin, Bentley, BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari, Lamborghini, Maserati, McLaren, Mercedes, Mini Cooper, Porsche, Rolls Royce, Range Rover, Audi, Jeep, Hummer, Jaguar, and many other popular car brands. They offer many sedan rental and luxury car rental services, giving customers the possibility to rent the Bugatti Veyron, the Rolls Royce Phantom, Ghost and Wraith, the Bentley GT Speed and Flying Spur, the Aston Martin Rapide, the BMW 735i, 760IAL, and the BMW 5 Series, the Mercedes CL500, S 600L, CLS 350, CLS 500, S 350 and S 350L, the Maserati Granturismo, Ghibli and Quattroporte, the Audi A8 Quattro and the Jaguar XF, and you can even rent limousine Maybach 62. This companyoffers excellence and perfection to its customers, constantly increasing the car rental list each year to meet customer demands, being able to offer clients new top-of-the-line cars at reasonable prices, anywhere in Europe. The longevity of this company shows the good quality customer service, the state-of-the-art well maintained cars offered for hire are sold and replaced once they reach 15.000 km of mileage, to ensure high quality and performance. If you want torent limousine, you can pick from various Maybach, Rolls Royce and Bentley models with luxurious extra features to meet all your needs while on a business trip or on a special occasion. When it comes to car rental services, Just4vip prides itself in being one of the top-rated car rental companies in Europe.Just4vip offers and maintains high quality standards for over a decade, giving customers the best the car manufacturing industry has to offer, at low prices.
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rent Bugatti-Veyron

Price from 12000 €

The Bugatti Veyron EB 16.4 is a mid-engined grand touring car, designe...
1001ch HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Rolls-Royce-Phantom

Price from 2553 €

The Rolls-Royce Phantom is a saloon automobile made in the United King...
460ch V12 HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Rolls-Royce-Wraith

Price from 2553 €

The most luxurious manufacturer in the world to extend its range of cu...
633 HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Rolls-Royce-Ghost

Price from 1833 €

The original concept car, named the 200EX, was officially unveiled at ...
570 HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Mercedes-Maybach

Price from 1833 €

The rebirth for the Maybach and already is to rent at JUST4VIP company...
530 HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Bentley-GT-Speed

Price from 1400 €

Bentley announced on 20 June 2012 that it would produce the Continenta...
610ch HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Bentley-Flying-Spur

Price from 1333 €

The Bentley Continental Flying Spur (2006-present) is spacious four-do...
552ch HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Aston-Martin-Rapide

Price from 1000 €

The Rapide is built at a dedicated plant at the Magna Steyr facility i...
470 HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Mercedes-CL-500

Price from 750 €

The Mercedes-Benz CL-Class is a luxury coupé automobile produced by th...
399ch V8 HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Maserati-Granturismo

Price from 750 €

The Porsche Cayenne is a five seat mid-size luxury crossover manufactu...
405 HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Mercedes-S-600L

Price from 666 €

This 2010 Mercedes S600 luxury sedan is the NEWEST ultimate in luxury ...
517ch V12 HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Maserati-Quattroporte

Price from 616 €

n 2004, Maserati started production of the Pininfarina-designed Quattr...
400ch V8 HP - F1 gearbox

rent BMW-760-IAL

Price from 616 €

For the 7 Series, the previous E65/E66 model marked a revolution in th...
445ch HP - Manual gearbox

rent Maserati-Ghibli

Price from 616 €

The car will be fitted with 3.0 L V6 petrol engine, available in 330 h...
330 HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Audi-A8-Quattro

Price from 525 €

The Audi A8 is a four-door, full-size, luxury sedan car manufactured a...
350ch V8 HP - Automatic gearbox

rent BMW-735i

Price from 510 €

The 5th generation F01/F02 came out January 2009. The F01/F02 heralded...
305ch HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Mercedes-CLS-500

Price from 448 €

The CLS marked Mercedes-Benz's return to the executive-size coupe mark...
388ch HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Mercedes-S-350L

Price from 371 €

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a series of luxury sedans produced by Mer...
272ch V6 HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Mercedes-S-350

Price from 371 €

The Mercedes-Benz S-Class is a series of luxury sedans produced by Mer...
272ch V6 HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Mercedes-CLS-350

Price from 314 €

The Mercedes-Benz CLS is an executive-size sedan originally launched i...
292ch HP - Automatic gearbox

rent Jaguar-XF

Price from 209 €

The XF was developed at Jaguar's Whitley design and development HQ in ...
416cv HP - Automatic gearbox