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rent McLaren-675-LT-Spider

McLaren 675 LT Spider

  • Price from 2553
  • JUST4VIP offers for rental cars exceptions and this Mclaren 675 LT Spider is more than tha...
rent McLaren-720S-Spyder

McLaren 720S Spyder

  • Price from 2166
  • A convertible carbon fiber supercar available for hire at JUST4VIP. McLaren has just pres...
rent McLaren-570-s-Spider

McLaren 570 s Spider

  • Price from 1833
  • Here is another sport because available for rent at JUST4VIP !! Always so lightning, acce...
rent mclaren-650S-spyder

mclaren 650S spyder

  • Price from 1400
  • Decked out in a look of P1, the 650S adds an extra something to 12C. More temperamental an...
rent mclaren-650S

mclaren 650S

  • Price from 1400
  • Decked out in a look of P1, the 650S adds an extra something to 12C spyder. More temperame...

Founded in 1989 to produce road cars using the company's leading Formula One technology, McLaren Automotive designs and manufactures cars which are like no other - in pedigree, quality, performance or luxury. And McLaren rental from JUST4VIP gives enthusiasts the opportunity to drive these iconic vehicles without the burden or costs of ownership. Whether driving along the Boulevard de la Croisette in Cannes with the exquisite beach on one side and the range of luxury retail outlets, hotels and nightspots on the other; or driving around the bay from St Tropez to the marinas of Port Cogolin and following the bay coastline to Sainte-Maxime; or enjoying the compactness and exclusivity of the streets of Monaco, McLaren rental from JUST4VIP is the perfect way to experience supercar travel at its very best. Given the McLaren's Formula One heritage, it could be felt that Monaco is the ideal location to drive one of the luxury vehicles; however, its driving performance and quality makes it suited to wherever the luxury experience takes you. The Company's Formula One heritage has resulted in an enviable range of production cars - from the McLaren F1, which was the first production car to accelerate from 0-60 mph in less than three seconds and in 1998 was the fastest production car ever made reaching an astonishing 243 mph; the 12C which was launched in 2011 to bring McLarens to the sector occupied by Lamborghini and Ferrari; to the brand new 650S which was unveiled at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show. McLaren rental provides the opportunity to experience a true supercar - renowned for its high material quality and stringent manufacturing standards. Each McLaren is built in the company's Surrey factory which is located beside its technology and design centre. And JUST4VIP affords the opportunity for the discerning motorist to experience supercars in their natural habitat of the most luxurious and exclusive locations....