Bentley TO HIRE IN Cologne

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Bentley bentayga in Cologne

  • Price from 5366
  • JUST4VIP offers from summer 2016 the rental of the new SUV Bentley Bentayga. With this l...
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Bentley New Continental Supersport Convertible in Cologne

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  • Rent a Bentley GTC in the French Riviera If you are on the French Riviera and would lik...
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Bentley New Continental in Cologne

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  • JUST4VIP will always propose to rent the last Bentley. Like James Bond's Aston Martin DB5,...
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Bentley GTC Supersport in Cologne

  • Price from 3800
  • In April 2010, Bentley announced a convertible version of the Continental Supersports. Pri...

Bentley Rental for Comfortable, Care-Free Exploration of Europe's Beauties and Treasures Visiting one of Europe's many beautiful and cultured cities requires a mode of transportation that is as unique and refined as the cities themselves. Consider cruising through Cannes or Nice in a rented Bentley that has been hand-picked to suit your individual needs. By renting through JUST4VIP, you can choose to arrive at your Monaco hotel in the Bentley Azure cabriolet. Containing a supercharged V8, a stunning blue exterior will make you and up to three passengers the talk of the Riviera. Its six-speed automatic gearbox allows you to drive safely while taking in the amazing sites. If the Azure is not to your taste, consider the GTC Supersport as your Bentley rental. The Supersport is a four person automatic convertible. It gives you a real sense of freedom, speed and class. The Bentley GT Speed could have been built specifically to experience the open roads and mountain passes outside of Barcelona. At the same time, it is sleek and stylish enough to be seen in the heart of the city. Of course, not everyone looking for a Bentley rental is travelling to Europe on holiday. Many customers at JUST4VIP need the sophistication and class in a vehicle that reflects their power and status in the corporate world. For those discerning customers conducting business across Europe, there is the Bentley Flying Spur. The leather interior and wood veneers are matched only by the twin-turbo W12 engine. The opulent, yet classic interior is the perfect place to relax or discuss business while driving to your meeting in St. Tropez. When hiring a luxury car, you expect the service you receive to reflect the high standard of the cars. At JUST4VIP, this is exactly what happens. The vehicles are kept in pristine condition and clients are treated with the up-most respect at all times. Hire terms are designed to meet your individual needs, and our services are designed to meet the requirements of even the most demanding hires....