Rent Maserati Levante in Evian

Rent Maserati Levante in Evian - France

hire Maserati-Levante


Delivery in this city for minimum 7 days

  • 1 day / 200 km : On request
  • 3 days / 600 km : On request
  • 7 days / 1400 km : From 4585 €
Our rates vary per season.


Rental Conditions

  • Deductile : 27000 €
  • Add insurance (per rental day): 80 €
  • Reduced deductible : 12000 €
  • Add kilometer : 3 €
  • Minimum Age: 25 Years


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hire Maserati-Levante
hire Maserati-Levante
Engine & Transmission
  • Horsepower : 275000 Cv
  • Torke : 600 Nm
  • Displacement : 3 cm3
  • Gearbox : Automatic
  • Max speed : 230 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h : 6,9 s
Price & Miscellaneous
Here is another SUV available for rent at JUST4VIP Maserati Levante. Maserati has yielded like almost every manufacturer to the sirens of the SUV. Thus was born in 2016 the Levante, the first of its kind in the Italian, based on the same platform as the Ghibli and named after a warm Mediterranean wind. The Levante is 5 meters long, 10 cm longer than the GLE or X5, and almost as much as a Q7. It is available in France with a diesel V6 275 hp or the V6 biturbo gasoline 430 hp of our test model, a V6 assembled at Ferrari please. The Levante is only available in 4-wheel drive with an 8-speed automatic transmission. The interior is that of a luxury SUV, providing standard leather including on the dashboard. Despite some small details, the presentation is flattering and we find the needle clock typical Maserati. At the bottom of the driver's seat, a button allows the electric adjustment of the pedal. The central screen allows good connectivity and on the console, there is an offroad button, which automatically increases the ground clearance. At the rear, the habitability is correct, but we expected better seen the size of the machine. The trunk is the smallest in the category with barely more than 400 dm3.

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