Rent Rolls Royce Phantom Droph in Evian

Rent Rolls Royce Phantom Droph in Evian - France

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Delivery in this city for minimum 7 days

  • 1 day / 200 km : On request
  • 3 days / 600 km : On request
  • 7 days / 1400 km : From 17850 €
Our rates vary per season.


Rental Conditions

  • Deductile : 100000 €
  • Add insurance (per rental day): 250 €
  • Reduced deductible : 25000 €
  • Add kilometer : 9 €
  • Minimum Age: 25 Years


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hire Rolls-Royce-Phantom-Droph
hire Rolls-Royce-Phantom-Droph
Engine & Transmission
  • Horsepower : 453 Cv
  • Torke : 720 a 1000
  • Displacement : 6749 cm3
  • Gearbox : Automatic
  • Max speed : 240 km/h
  • 0-100 km/h : 6 s
Price & Miscellaneous
The exterior remains faithful to the marine-nautical theme of the 100EX. The two-door four-seat convertible features rearward opening coach doors and a two-tone colour scheme that delineates between the upper and lower bodywork and frames the teak wood panelling of the convertible's tonneau cover. Unlike the 2004 concept car, however, the production unit eschews the EXs aluminium bonnet in favour of more easily maintained stainless steel. The front fascia takes its cues from the 100EX but with the crucial difference of the middle bodywork/raised bonnet/grille assemblage terminating midway down the face rather than continuing downwards and bisecting the front bumper. The headlamps are also taken straight out of the 100EX/101EX concept and are similar to the Phantom's. The deep set rectangular high beams are light-emitting diode (LED) units while the round faux-foglamp driving lights are projector-style xenon arc lamps. The exterior is available in more than 44,000 colour combinations.

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